Guidelines, sanity-savers, and frequently asked questions...


How does this work? 

It's pretty simple, really. Send us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to meet with you to discuss the vision of your big day! Once we have a firm idea of your vision, we'll work with you to provide the best fitting rentals for the event. Once those elements have been agreed upon, we'll provide an estimate of cost and will schedule  a time for you to approve the  "mock up".


Is your service available in my area? 

If by "area" you mean Metro Atlanta and anywhere within a 1 hour drive, then, yes.


  How long is the rental period? 

The typical rental period is 3 days. One day to pick up or deliver. One day for use and clean up. One day for return or pick up. Make sure that this policy will work for your event venue!!


Do you require a security deposit? How much is it?

We sure do and here are four reasons why:  

1. It lets us know you are serious and allows us to reserve your items. 

2. Life happens.

3. Things get broken.

4. People spill wine.

But bubaleh, no kaynahorahs! 

(Translation: But honey, no bad luck!)


The security deposit is 50% of the total rental.


When is the deposit due?  

Upon remittance of your signed Pinkie Promise.  We accept: cash, credit card, paypal, corporate and cashier's checks. 

All remaining balances must be paid in full two weeks before the event. 


I only need to rent two chairs.

If you are picking up and schlepping your items the minimum rental order must be $50.00. 

If we are packing and schlepping your items the minimum rental order must be *$500.00.

*Y'all- this does not include delivery fees!


I really love your aesthetic but don't have time to design my event. Can you help me? 

We are happy to help with any event design*. Just shoot us over an email at:

and we can get started.  *event design and curated place settings have additional fees.


Delivery Fees 

 We do have delivery fees- they vary upon mileage.


I'm excited about using your chalkboards at my wedding. Do you offer lettering services? 

Hand lettering is available at an extra cost.  


 WHAT IF... 


My crazy Greek Uncle decides to break all the dishes at my wedding? 

The cost to replace items that are broken, stolen, or misplaced is two times (2x) the retail cost. You will receive a separate invoice for any items that fall into any of these categories. (Let's hope it's your rich Uncle!)


 My stepmother drinks a few too many "Boozy Hot Chocolates" at our Valentine's Day Brunch and spills said beverage all over the one of a kind embroidered tablecloths?

The cost to replace any soiled or damage linens is two times the retail cost. You will receive a separate invoice for any items that are rendered unusable after your event.

Next time invite us because it sounds like a great party!


My Great-Aunt Sylvia, who has a penchant for stealing sugar packets, maraschino cherries, and all things not tied to the table, walks off with the silverware? 

Well, my dear, the cost to replace the silver-plate will be twice the retail cost. Expect to find a cache of secret treasures in her home upon her death.


  What the heck is this Pinkie Promise you keep talking about?

It's our friendly way of saying "rental contract". We promise to have your selected items ready for use on the day of your event, if you promise to take good care of them, bring the dishes back clean, and pay us on time and in full! Pinkies at the ready!